Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ho Hum Holidailies

Our prompt from Holidailies 2013 Badge today asks which holiday movie/tv show or play just leaves us cold.  So I am trying to go through all the Christmas movies I have ever watched and come up with one that was Ho Hum.  This is not that easy because we have our favorites on dvd and watch them every year.  We don't watch much tv  other than game shows all day while Mom is up and the Food Channel for me or the History Channel for Frank once Mom goes to bed.  And, as you know, if you have been joining me here for a while, I love the theatre.  Each year we try to catch a show over the holidays.

 We have seen Christmas Carol at the Meadowbrook Theatre numerous times.  It is the best rendition ever!!
We have seen Johnny Mathis
Kenny Rogers
Donny and Marie
The Scintas
Karen Newman
The Rat Pack Comes Back Christmas Show
There are more but my mind is not working this morning. (My Mom is contagious)  I enjoyed each and everyone of these shows except...... 
Cirque Dreams Holidaze
It wasn't a bad show but after 20 minutes of acrobatics I was bored to death.  You can only watch the same thing over again so many times before it loses it's magic.  This year we are going to see........

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  1. Some of the theater productions would have enticed me! We just aren't movie watchers at our house


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