Monday, December 30, 2013

Frozen and Fried Fish

Frozen was a wonderful movie.  We all enjoyed it very much.  My favorite line came from Olaf the Snowman...."Love is when you put the other persons feelings ahead of your own".  Amen.

Jen and Lili went to meet some friends for dinner tonight, Mom went to spend the night at Dawn's so it is just me and the guys for the fish fry tonight.

This is a mess of fish!!!
Fish Fry
1 can beer of your choice
1 c. flour
1 box Corn Muffin Mix
salt and pepper to taste
3-4 lbs. Fish Fillets
Mix beer, flour, muffin mix and salt and pepper in large bowl.  Add Fish Fillets and completely cover with beer mixture.  Set aside. 
Fill a deep large pot half full with vegetable or canola oil.  Heat to 200*.  Drop coated fish fillets in hot oil by batches and cook until golden brown and crispy.  Remove drippings between batches.


  1. I have several bags of stiper fish that my ex-DIL gave me this past summer....might need to have us a fish fry soon! Sounds yummy

    1. Had the leftovers for lunch today, not as good but not bad.

  2. Sounds delicious...Fish & Chips are on the menu tonight make some room in freezer for make ahead meals, try to get ahead a little with lots to do, thanks for post...
    I do love the pull-apart pizza topped with Marinara Sauce, have pinned so I'm gonna try this for a tasty, quick meal it's just what I need ATM...
    I could also do with lots of Hugs.
    You're in my Prayers for your grief & loss, sadness that never goes, no we are never prepared for this loss, thinking of you all, God Bless, Odelle U.K.

    1. Thanks Odelle and I passed on hugs in my last reply but am sending more your way right now.


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