Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dear Santa

Today, Holidailies 2013 Badge has requested we write a letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,

Many people are saying that you don't exist.  They don't seem to have the Christmas Spirit that you have spent so many years trying to pass on to us.  They believe that you are just an imaginary figure brought to life by people who were trying to control their unruly children.

But I know better....I know that you were a saint in real life and are a saint now in Heaven with our Lord.  We know you as Santa Claus but when you were alive you were known as Nicholas and you were a kind and gentle man.  Because of your goodness, love and mercy you were made a saint and yesterday we celebrated your feast day.

Saint Nicholas by Susan Seals
During this Christmas season I ask for the knowledge to be able to share your message to others. To help those who are less fortunate than I as you spent your life doing. And I ask to help people believe....Believe in you, Believe in Christ, Believe in redemption and Believe in themselves.
This is my hope, not just during Christmas, but each and every day.  I even have a reminder in my kitchen so that I can be prompted each day to.......


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