Sunday, December 8, 2013

Easy Holidailies

This is a very easy prompt from Holidailies 2013 Badge today.  They would like me to talk about which Holiday tradition I wish would just go away.

Hands down, no contest...It is Black Friday!!!  Even the name is awful.  I don't have any problem with sales.  Although if stores did not mark things up so ridiculously they would not be able to offer 70% off items.  I don't have a problem with shopping, if that is what people enjoy.  I DO have a problem with people acting like animals.  Pushing, shoving, punching and being completely rude.  There is no Christmas Spirit in Black Friday.  I refuse to go into the stores on that day, except maybe a grocery store which is empty.  I save my shopping for Small Business Saturday.  When you walk into a small business, you are greeted with a cup of cocoa and a smile.  Sometimes they even have homemade cookies.  Their markdowns are not ridiculous because their prices are reasonable to begin with. 
Black Friday
Small Business Saturday.

No contest.  The photos tell the story. So call me a Scrooge if you want but I would much rather spend the day at home on Black Friday, enjoying leftovers, playing games and watching Christmas movies.


  1. I spend the day at home on Black Friday as well. And most of the other days during the holiday season. I just don't like shopping....period. And it is so much worse at Christmas


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