Saturday, December 28, 2013

One of Many Losses

"What will you miss about 2013 (or alternatively, what will you *not* miss)?"  This is the prompt today from Holidailies 2013 Badge.

This is a hard topic for me.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and if you were to change just one little thing everything else would change along with it like a domino effect.  That being said I guess the question does not ask what would I change but rather what will I miss.

I will miss my Bessie Girl who had to be put down last January.   
Here she is checking out our new piglets a couple of years ago.
She was a good girl and I will continue to miss her for a long while.



  1. Aw, such a beautiful dog. So sorry for your loss! I know your pain.

    1. Thanks Melanie. She was beautiful inside too. She was our middle dog, 10 yrs old. We have an 11 yr old Golden Retriever, a juvenile mutt and then just a couple of months ago we got a chocolate lab. None of them can take the place of my Bessie girl but they add a lot of happiness to our household.


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