Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas is supposed to last 12 days....just like the song!

Holidailies 2013 Badge wants to know our pet peeve about the holidays. 

This gives me an opportunity to go on a rant so hold on because here I go..............

Christmas does NOT begin in October!!  I do NOT want to hear Christmas music, see Christmas decorations, be inundated with Christmas commercials before Thanksgiving.  Let me enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving for Pete's sakes.  We are saturated with everything Christmas from mid October until Christmas day and then POOF it is gone.

Christmas day, folks, is the FIRST day of Christmas.  The season is supposed to last for 12 Days until the Feast of the Three Kings.  It does not end the day after Christmas or on New Years day it ends on January 6th!!! 

If main stream media did not start slamming us with Christmas before Halloween perhaps people would not be tired of it by the FIRST day of Christmas.  I make exceptions for those families that cannot gather at Christmas and need all their decorating up and ready by Thanksgiving but that should not be the norm. 

It makes me sad when I am out the SECOND day of Christmas and there are already trees thrown to the curb.  Heck, before the Santa party tradition our tree did not even go up until the weekend before Christmas and if Frank had his way it would not go up until Christmas Eve morning but that was just too hard to schedule in!!

So there you have it.  After a whole week of  Grinch Holidailies, in which I did my best to keep a positive attitude, they finally broke me down and sent me on a rant.  But I am over it now and I will enjoy my 12 Days of Christmas despite everyone else and I hope that you do the same!!

Hooking up with Thrive at Home Thursday.  See you there.


  1. I am so in agreement with you. I can remember reading stories of the 'olden' days when they put the tree up on Christmas Eve. Now that is the way to celebrate Christmas, isn't it? My kids would have a spell if I waited until Christmas eve....

  2. Yes they would but not if that is what everyone did....I really dislike the media.

  3. Yes. yes. Yes. Yes. yes. Yes. Yes.

    1. Hi MissMeliss, Thanks for stopping by. I am glad to know that there are more people out there that think so.


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