Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Let us all be Charitable

The prompt for today at said "There's a growing movement on Facebook called "Your First Dollar Spent", encouraging everyone to start the new year by giving to charity. Share your favorite charity(s) and tell us why they're near and dear to your heart"

I have several charities that are near and dear to my heart:

First and foremost is the American Cancer Society.  Frank is a cancer survivor, we are very blessed.  We have many loved ones that have survived cancer but we have more loved ones that lost the battle so I want to continue supporting this cause until cancer is defeated once and for all.

Frank, each day is a celebration!!

The next charity that comes to mind is Hospice of Michigan. I could not have dealt with caring for  and losing my Pops without their assistance and support.

My Pops, before cancer struck our lives again.

I always try to support Toys For Tots.  This year I went to two separate fundraisers for them and had a great time.

And last, but certainly not least, is the Alzheimer's Foundation.  I pray every day that they find a way to cure this dreadful disease so that in the future no family has to go through the tragedy of seeing a loved one lose their mind.

Mom, 93 yrs. of age.
The body of a 70 yr. old.
The mind of a 3 yr. old.


  1. I love the shirt that Frank has on.....both Frank and your dad are handsome dudes. I agree totally with you about Alzheimer's You hit it right on the head with the description of your beautiful mother!

    1. Thanks Paula. Frank got the shirt as a gift from our youngest, Nicole. I think you are right about the good looking guys in my life and Mom....well, tomorrow in another day or two or three or maybe it was yesterday LOL.


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