Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kids These Days

This is the prompt today from Holidailies 2013 Badge.  The alternate title was "In my day".

It is supposed to be a Grinch prompt but I will have to disappoint all the Grinches out there because I have nothing to say bad about "Kids These Days" and we have a slew of them in our family.  The eldest of our (mine and my siblings) children is 44 and the youngest is 14.  From all of those children we have been blessed with 15 great (and I mean Great) children.  The eldest is 14 and we have a newborn this year.

You know what I hate about those kid??  Nothing.  I cannot think of one little thing about any of them that I would change.  They are all wonderful kids.  Their parents (our children) have done a marvelous job raising them to be polite and loving individuals.  Just the thought of them warms my heart.  I am very excited because this Sunday we will be having our Santa party and all of the "greats" will be here.  You can learn more about my Santa Party here.

So I am sorry if you tuned in hoping to hear a rant about the spoiled youth of today but I am happy for you if you also have great kids that you can enjoy.


  1. A great post. I haven't done mine yet! You have given me much to think about


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