Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fiona's First Christmas

Frank's brother, Dan, his wife, Rebecca and daughter, Danielle sent home a Christmas package for Buddy, Bella and Fiona with us last night. 

This morning as we were having our coffee, watching Bella and Fi's morning ritual of wrestling, Buddy got disgusted and went up to Mom's room.  Frank started emptying the trunk and bringing in our masses of gifts we received yesterday.  When he brought in the bag for the dogs I said "oooooh we have lucky dogs, lucky dogs".  Buddy heard this and ran down the stairs like he was a little kid excited about Christmas.  It warmed my heart.  We opened the bag and inside were 3 toys, one for each of them.  They each chose their favorite and went off into different corners of the house with it.

Fiona went into our bedroom. Ten minutes later I went into our bedroom also.  Here is what I found.

It may not have even been a full 10 minutes!!
But she was happy because she got that squeaker that was hidden inside LOL.


  1. Replies
    1. Haha. That is why my dogs never get stuffies. Just hard stuff to chew on. But it was Christmas so I thought "what the heck". She had fun and it only took me a moment to vacuum.


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