Friday, December 20, 2013

A Homemade Christmas

"Share your holiday crafting skills. What do you make, either for gifts, or for your yourself?"  This is our prompt today at Holidailies 2013 Badge.

I love homemade Christmases.  I spend a lot of time starting in the Fall preparing for Christmas.  I am happy to share some of my homemade Christmas ideas with you.

I did a lot of canning during the harvest this year with the intention of gifting the results to others. So each of the girls in Frank's office will be given this gift today....I hope they don't read this before he gives it to them....
I made my sister some placemats for her newly remodeled kitchen.
We exchanged gifts at the Santa Party so no worries about posting this.
I also made a casserole caddy for my sil.
 I don't believe she reads this blog so I am safe in posting this picture.
I made this beautiful set for my niece.
She does read this blog but I already posted this before she began reading it.
I make our Christmas cards to send.
And, of course, cookies for our cookie exchange party.


  1. Those place-mats and napkins are beautiful. You do well!

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