Sunday, December 22, 2013

Brag Blog

This will probably come back to bite me in the butt, but I can't help myself.  This is because we are the proud owners of the smartest and best dang puppy in the world!!!

Within less than a month she was completely house trained and goes to the door each time she needs to go out.  She has complete control of her bladder and bowels now so even if we don't see her at the door right away she has no accidents.  She still wakes up around 5 each morning needing to go out but that will cease soon I am sure.
But here is what I want to brag about.....I put up all my Christmas decorations and my tree.  The first day I had to tell her not to touch stuff as she kept going from one thing to the next seeing if it was for her.  But after she was told one time (at each object) that it was not hers she has never gone back and tried to touch it again.  I think that is pretty amazing.  Even more amazing is we can leave our shoes lying around and she leaves them because she has been told they are not hers.  I am pretty much in shock since Buddy destroyed anything he could find during the first year we had him and Bella ate my nook, the remote to our tv, a camera, several pairs of shoes and part of my rocker before we got her trained.  The only damage that Princess Fiona has done was to chew at the corner of my coffee table and as soon as we caught her and told her no.....she has never touched it again!!!
I think Princess Fiona of Fair Haven is not only beautiful and smart but also pretty much perfect in every way!

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