Friday, December 20, 2013

For Pete's is already Friday!!!

I don't know where the time is going....It is going to be Christmas in 5 days!!!!!  Holy Samoly time is flying by at a record pace.  And just to slow us down a little bit the Lord sent us an ice storm and lots of fog.  All the schools in the area are closed early for Christmas Break.  Lots of disappointed little kids who were supposed to be having parties today at school.

Our choir party last night was a lot of great fun.  They had me laughing so hard there were tears running down my legs!!!  Tons of great food and drink, laughter and singing....exactly what a Christmas party should be!

Nancy had a doc appointment this morning so she came a little later than usual.  As soon as she arrived I ran out the door to head to the food pantry.  Got the messages, returned some phone calls, made my list of families needing baskets, checked it twice, checked to see what supplies we had and what we still needed and before you knew was Noon and time for me to head down for Frank's work luncheon.

The luncheon was very nice and I'm glad I took the time to attend.  I was tempted to skip it but decided that my husband should be at least as important as all the other people who make demands on my time. 

I had arranged for Nancy to take Mom to Dick and Jackie this afternoon so after the luncheon I was able to get to the store for all the supplies needed for the baskets and drop it off.  We picked Mom up and took her out to dinner with us and now I am very happy that my day is done.


  1. I love laughed so hard there were tears running down your legs! You crack me up. And I thank you for that

    1. LOL. I saw that expression on line somewhere last year and it cracked me up too so I stole it!!!


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