Friday, December 13, 2013

How lovely are thy branches

I ended up not going to choir practice last night.  I hated to miss when it is so close to Christmas but I was just feeling too punk and, more importantly, I did not want to contaminate the whole choir.

My nephew Doug contacted me yesterday to let me know that he is bringing a new girl with him on Sunday and she has a 2 year old daughter so we ran out for another Santa gift this morning and ended up getting a couple more gifts to boot.  We went to lunch, went to the grocery store and then Frank had to bring me home because whatever this is that I've is kicking my butt.  Frank ran to the feed store for hog feed....those hogs are going through about a 100# of feed per day.  I think they will be ready to go in right after the holidays.  Easter hams!!!! I took a little nap because otherwise I was going to be useless for the rest of the day.

After my nap we found time to put up the Christmas tree. It is not decorated yet but that will be our project tomorrow before Mass.


  1. Your tree is beautiful with just the lights! I hope that you are better soon!

    1. Thanks Paula, still feeling rough this morning. I might need to break down and go to the doc.


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