Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weary of Weekly Goals

About a month ago I joined up with MSM who each week sets 10 goals for herself.  I admire this and thought that having goals was a great goal to have so I started following her and chose to have Weekly Goal Wednesdays.  Well I am not very good at achieving goals evidently.  I do okay with my daily goals because all they are is my everyday routine that I carried forward but the weekly goals...Sheesh life always gets in the way.  But I am NOT going to give up.  My new goal is to keep making goals!!

Each Morning

Time with my Lord

Make Bed


Swish and Swipe
This is a concept that I kept from a few years ago when I was introduced to Fly Lady.  Fly Lady is a website to assist you with your clutter and house cleaning issues.  I don't really have too many house cleaning issues and my clutter issues are not clutter you can see but rather clutter in storage areas, attics, garage, etc.  Which I am currently working to amend.  I even completed my basement storage area. with help from Organizing Junkie. But one of the things I retained from Fly Lady is that each day after I floss/brush/shower I swish and swipe.  I keep a canister of Clorox Wipes under my sink and swipe the sink each morning when I am done and wipe down any of those disgusting splatters on the commode.

Empty dishwasher/Load breakfast dishes


Straighten House

Last Weeks Goals

 Practice my Advent traditions each day.

Finish Current Casserole Cover and Start on the Next.

Complete and Mail Christmas Cards (The paper I ordered finally came in so I did get to start finishing them but they are not yet complete)

Finish Christmas Gift Shopping (I got some more done but not all of it)

Buy or make covers for preserves

Send out email reminder re: Cookie Exchange

Next Weeks Goals (More Like a Do or Die List)

Practice Advent traditions

Put away that Casserole Cover and all my other half done projects.  Make it my Goal to finish them for next year LOL.

Complete and Mail Christmas Cards

Finish Christmas Shopping

Mail out Packages

Buy cupcake liners to cover the preserves and bags to place them in.

Wrap Gifts

Finish Main Floor Decorating


  1. I am horrible at making goals and then doing them. Maybe I need to try that in the new year. I am not getting a dang thing done around this house and the clutter is getting to me.


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