I think I have said before how very blessed I have been with the most wonderful people in my life but it bears repeating. I have contact with many of these people on an almost daily basis so, of course, they will make appearances here on my blog so what follows is a short bio on each so you will know to whom I am referring.

Life evolves and changes.  People leave our lives and new characters join in.  I started this blog in 2013.  It is now January of 2017.  My Mom has been gone for a full year now and her caregiver was gone a year prior to that.  Time to update this list.

Cast of Characters
(and they are characters!!)
Frank-My absolute best half without whom I would not be whole.  Frank did retire from the police department, however he went right back to work as a labor representative for another 15 yrs.  He is now happily retired and I am happy to have him home with me each day.  Frank loves guns, flying and making me happy, all of at which he excels.

Tingting-came to us at age 15 as an exchange student and is now the daughter of our hearts.  She has given us our Little Miss Melody who has become the new star of this blog.

Amy-our eldest child. Her conception saved my life and gave me direction and she has been a guiding force ever since.  "Don't know what we would do without our Amy" is a common household expression.

Chuck-our eldest son is in the Navy and stationed in Portsmouth, VA.  We don't see him as often as we would like but he is a strong driving force in this family.

Anthony-our second son who lives locally and is working on building his dreams.

Nicole and Pierre-our youngest and her husband.  A hard working, fun loving couple of whom we are very proud.  They both work full time, have an artisanal bath and beauty product line called Petoskey and Pine which is more than a full time job, recently bought a home and still carve out time for us old folks.

Jen, Randy, Lili and Spencer-my Traverse City family.  Jen is Amy and Chuck's cousin on their dad's side.  She and Amy grew up together and she was more than just my niece, she too became my daughter.  She married Randy, a great guy and has given me two wonderful "grand" kids that fill my life with joy.

Kim and Kurt-are one of our greatest God-sends.  Kim is my partner in crime, we get excited about each others hare brained ideas and support each other as we learn by trial and error.  If not for Kim there would be no farm in the Klik household. Kurt, on the other hand, is an old pro at all this farming, canning, gardening stuff.  He is the guy we call whenever we have a problem and he is always there when we need him.

Greg and Linda-Dear friends who enjoy many of the same things as we do so we spend a lot of time and have a lot of fun together.

 Guest Appearances

Dawn-my sister, and the youngest of the six siblings.  We drive each other nuts, complain about each other constantly and love each other without limits. 

Tom-Dawn's husband and helpmate with Mom.

Dick-my brother, 3rd of 4 boys who were my elders. He is closest to me in distance and in my heart. 

Jackie-Dick's wife and my sister.

Larry and Mary-My eldest brother and his angel of a wife who live in California.  They are far in distance and close in support and love.

Chuck-our eldest son is in the Navy and stationed in Portsmouth, VA.

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