2024 Reading List

 1. The Spy Coast Review

2. The Vintage Village Bake Off Review

3. All This Time Review

4. Relish Review

5. Killing in C Sharp Review

6. The Eyes of Darkness Review

7. Sold on a Monday Review

8. The Cake Book Review

9. Hang the Moon Review

10. Moloka'i Review

11. In the Kitchen with Dayton's Marshall Field's Hudson's Review

12. Babel Review

13. Still Life Review

14. Murder at the Matterhorn Review

15. Sam Hell Review
16. A Fatal Grace Review

17. mastering the art of french murder Review

18. Review

19. Friends in Napa Review

20. An Untamed Land Review

21. In Praise of Bees Review

22. A Killing on the Hill Review

23. The Cruellest Month Review

24. Dining with the Danes Review

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