Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mothers and Fathers and Sisters

I got up early today and headed over to the food pantry to put together the baskets for Christmas.  When I walked in there they were all completely packaged and marked with names.  The Benda Family went last night to drop off some items that they had picked up for me to add to the baskets and put them all together while they were there!!  What great friends...Merry Christmas to me!

This afternoon we took both Moms downtown for dinner and the Moscow Ballet's rendition of the Nutcracker.  Each year since we have been married we try to take the folks for a holiday play, show or concert.  A few years ago, the Bendas told us that they thought it would be nice to invite our parish priests and nuns for a Christmas celebration that included dinner and a show of some sort. So this is the third year now that we have changed up our tradition (just a bit) to include part of our parish family also. We always have a good time.  We have 2 new priests this year so I hope they enjoyed the outing as much as we did.
Dinner before the show.
We had our own private room.
Good thing because it got loud in there.

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