Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year

Holidailies 2013 Badge asks for my favorite way to spend New Years Eve. 

Although it hasn't happened in many years, my favorite way to spend NYE is home alone with Frank.  Since we have had Mom this has not been possible but perhaps one day.

We are so busy throughout the holiday season that come NYE I just want to climb into the hot tub with a nice glass of wine and catch up with each other.  We can go days during this time without talking about anything except what we need to do to get ready for the next round of guests.  This is wonderful and we love entertaining but we still need to carve out time for each other.  I will be taking Mom to my brother in CA on Friday for a two month stay so we will get our alone time soon.

I am not big on hall parties where you are celebrating with hundreds of people you don't know.  Our friends, John and Kirsten, have a party each year for all the families with children who don't want to exclude them from the festivities.  I think this is a great idea.  We are going to stop by in the afternoon to spend some time with them.

Then we are coming home, ordering in Chinese, playing some games, watching the ball drop and enjoying our last day with our TC family.  It will probably be several weeks before we get to see them again.

Our "son" from Denmark celebrating NYE
 while staying as an Exchange Student in the USA.

Frank has a tradition of going onto the deck and firing off guns at Midnight so that is where we will be after the ball drops.  I hope that you all have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve.


  1. I seem to have Chinese food on New Years Eve, too. It's a tradition!

  2. My boys would love Frank's custom of shooting their guns....unfortunately we live in the city limits...

    1. Yes, we got away with it when we lived in the city but only because we were cops there LOL.

    2. My son is also a cop, but would not really be setting a good example for my impressionable 16 year old grandson who thinks the sun rises and sets on his Uncle Justin....have to follow the laws LOL


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