Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Christmas gift from Chuck

Our son, Chuck, who serves in the Navy and is currently stationed in Portsmouth, Virginia is not able to come home this year for Christmas.  He called me last night and asked me to look at my email as he had sent me and Frank our Christmas gift.  I got very excited because I thought perhaps he had gotten leave after all and I was going to find his itinerary in my email.

Well I didn't find that but I found something else that was wonderful. I don't want to toot my own horn but I have accidentally managed to raise children who turned into loving, caring adults. They consistently remember to take care of those who are unable to care for themselves.  They make me so proud. I can't believe that these wonderful people actually belong to me.   But I digress and I apologize for doing so.

Anyway, when I looked on line I found the following ecard:

Ma and Frank,
Welcome to Heifer International. Thanks to the giving spirit that you inspired, hard-working farmers in need around the world will now have regular meals, a sustainable income and the pride in Passing on the Gift of their achievements and knowledge to others.
The following gift(s) have been made in your honor:
  • Gift of a Pig
I heard about this organization and thought it would be a great gift - the true spirit of Christmas - I love you
I went on line and read about the organization and it sounds wonderful.  When my family gets their pig they will learn how to care for it and breed it.  When it has piglets the family is required to give one of the piglets back to the organization so that it can be given to another family to sustain them.

I have a feeling this might be our best gift this year.
Several years ago, when I was talking about raising dairy goats, Amy gave me the gift of a goat for my birthday.  That goat went to a family in Africa and it will provide them with milk and meat for many years.  It was one of my favorite birthday gifts.
When Frank and I had our marriage blessed in the church. Our friends, Bob and Cathy Bonacorsi, gave us the gift of a tree that was planted to help sustain our rain forests.  We were thrilled with that gift also.
So, if you are looking for a present for that hard to buy for person could I suggest you look into donating to a charity that would be meaningful to them.  Take it from me.....that is the best gift a person can receive. 

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  1. That's awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this with Thrive @ Home Thursday.

    1. I appreciate all the blogs that allow us to link up and share. It helps us have access to sites and info we normally wouldn't.


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