Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fifth Day of Christmas Family Fun

Lazy, relaxing day today.  I slept in until 8 and then got up and threw cereal and fruit on the counter for everyone to grab their own breakfast.  Lil got ready for her first scuba class and Frank, Mom and I got ready for Mass.  Today is the Feast of the Holy Family.

Father's homily today, of course, was about "family". What makes a family and what a family should be.  I agree with his take on this....a family is not necessarily what you see depicted in a Norman Rockwell photo but rather a conglomeration of people, all with their own faults and weaknesses, who love one another, forgive one another and welcome one another.  God gave us the Holy Family to help us understand that all families have good times and bad, joy and sadness, laughter and anger.

When we got home I threw leftovers and lunchmeat onto the counter so everyone could grab their own lunch. After lunch we all sat around, watching tv, reading books, snoozing and visiting.  A perfect Sunday.

This evening we went to Amy's for a casual, relaxing dinner....I think that is the theme for this post....relaxing and breathing with family.  We had chili and corn bread. Lots of laughs, lots of fun until at 7 pm. Mom announced it was time to go.  So now the kids are all together and we old folks are home with our feet up again. 
Jen and Spence
Me, Tony, Ting and Mom

Doug, Randy and Lili.

Frank hiding in the corner.

The "Grandkids"

Amy, working her fingers to the bones.

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