2023 Reading List

 1. Twenty Years Later Review

2.  Review

3. The Vibrant Years Review

4. The Huntress Review

5. Well Behaved Wives Review

6. The Kitchen Front Review

7. Mistress of Rome Review

8. Review

9. The Rooster Bar Review

10. Gateau Review

11. Murder in Tuscany Review

12. The Essential Guide to Turkish Wine Review

13. Murder in Chianti Review

14. It Ends With Us Review

15. Murder in Chianti Review

16. Lessons in Chemistry Review

17. The Bitter Taste of Murder Review

18. VerityReview

19.  It Starts with Us Review

20. Daughters of Rome Review

21. Murder on the Vine Review

22. Eat Pray Love Review

23. Remarkably Bright Creatures Review

24.One Two Three Review

25. Horse Review

26.800 Grapes Review

27. Food Americana Review

28.What she left behind Review

29. Heir of Uncertain Magic Review

30. The House at the End of the World Review

31. Murder in Florence Review

32. Review

34.Long gone, Come home Review

35. The Dinner List Review

36. Flight Portfolio Review

37. The Love Goddess' Cooking School Review

38. Love & Saffron Review

39. The Show Girl Review

40.  Review

41. Night Road Review

42. The Road Review

43. The Covenant of Water Review

44-54. Nameless Series Review

55. The Code Talker Review

56. South of the Buttonwood Tree Review

57. The Murmur of Bees Review

58. Cooking from the SpiritReview

59.  Review

60.  Review

61.  Review

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