Monday, December 16, 2013

Flying high......

Holidailies 2013 Badge has asked me to tell you about something new that I tried or experienced this year.

This is pretty easy for me because each year I set a goal for myself to learn something new or experience something new.  This past year my goal was to learn to land our airplane.  This was important to me because if something were to happen to Frank while we were up in the air I want to be able to get us down safely.  When Frank first tried to teach me to land he was asking me to look at the gauges and runway at the same time which was a hard thing since to see the gauges I needed to put on reading glasses and to see the runway I had to take them off, all while wearing a headset.  So I ended up going to the eye doc and getting glasses with transitional lenses which was another new experience for me this year!!


  1. WOW! Now that is an accomplishment. I am a 'white knuckle flyer' so I am sure this isn't something I will ever aspire to. But good for you!

    1. Well Paula, I love my husband dearly but should he up and die on me when we are flying I certainly don't want to go with him LOL


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