Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another Birthday Card for Mom

This is Mom reading a birthday card from her niece, Joyce Ann.
Here is our conversation about the card:
"Joyce?  Do I know her?"
"yes, Mom, she is your niece"
"My niece?  Who does she belong to?"
"She is Lillian's daughter"
"Lillian didn't have a daughter"
"She didn't?"
"No, and listen to this bullshit"  Mom reads the card which starts 'Hope you know you really are a wonderful aunt, and the times we've shared really mean a lot'.  Mom puts the card down, looks at me and says "I don't even know this person, why would she send me a card that says this".
I tell her I don't know.
She puts the card back into the envelope and sets it on the table.  Two seconds later she picks it up, takes out the card and reads "Love and Best Wishes, Joyce". 
Mom looks at me and says "Who is Joyce" and here we go again..........


  1. OMG this is knee slapping hilarious. I hope you can keep your sense of humor throughout it all! I love these people with dementia!

    1. I usually have a sense of humor Paula but I am still feeling rotten and have no patience at all. It hurts me to talk and she won't stop asking question after question after question. And then I can't speak loudly so she keeps asking me to repeat myself.


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