Saturday, September 14, 2019

Enjoying Indian Summer with Alma Sparkling Brut from Brazil #WinePW

I received a sample of Sparkling wine from Spain for tasting purposes.  All opinions are completely my own.  I received no monetary compensation for this post.

Last week I was fretting because my dough for my Sourdough Bagels wouldn't rise because it was too cold in the house.

On Wednesday it was 87* and sunshine for most of the day and then at 4 pm the storms came knocking out a transformer on our street.  Thank goodness we have an all house generator.  That makes it possible for me to still write up this post and share a taste of a Michigan Indian Summer with you.

I spent the morning running errands. Taking The Teen and Little Miss to their schools, dropping off a chain saw to my brother in law and getting the car washed.

When I got home Frank was preparing for a CPL class he is conducting today.  I worked on some recipes for the blog, cleaned the kitchen and did some laundry.  When we were done, we decided to enjoy the beautiful day.  

We lounged around the pool, chit chatting and relaxing until it was time for Frank to leave to get Marissa.  I got out of the pool and grabbed my current Lit Happens selection, Stone Mother's, by Erin Kelly.  Then I decided I needed a snack.

When we were at the store getting dog and chicken food, the boy scouts were set up in the parking lot selling pop corn for a fundraising effort.   I grabbed that precious (read $25) bag of popcorn and the bottle of Alma Sparkling Wine from Spain that was provided by sponsor, Susannah of Vigneto Communications for this month's Wine Pairing Weekend.  

Susannah who blogs at Avvinare asked all of us to join her in celebrating Brazilian Independence Day that occurs on September 7th.  You can learn more about Brazil and the wines available in her Invitation Post.  

I wasn't able to find a lot out about this wine.  I did learn from reading the label that it is from the Serra Gaucha region of Brazil.  The grapes were labeled as 60% Moscato and% Trebbiano.  A google search shows the price point is an extremely reasonable $5 at Total Wines.

I was surprised how bright, crisp and dry this wine is.  It was a fun guilty pleasure, sipping wine, eating caramel corn and lounging poolside with my book in the middle of September.  I find that sparkling wine goes with just about anything and this bottle was no exception.  I was tickled by the fact that my wine was only $5 and my popcorn $25.  It was a topsy turvy, backwards kind of day, from sunshine to thunderstorms, cold weather to warmth and inexpensive wine with very expensive snacks.

I had fun tasting and I'm looking forward to our chat today on Twitter at 11 AM following #WinePW.  I'll be talking more about the weird day I had.  Here is what the others will be talking about......

Hope to see you all at chat.  This is what's being cooked up around here this week.  What's on your menu?

Saturday-CPL Class
Breakfast Casserole
Zucchini Bread
Aztec Chicken
Steamed Rice
Honey Babka

Sunday-Dinner at Kim and Kurts
Poached Seafood Salad-(moved from last Friday)
Charcuterie Tray

Meatless Monday
Cacio e Pepe Zucchini

Chicken Noodle Casserole

Beef Pot Roast with Apples and Onions
Mashed Potatoes

Smoked Country Ribs
Potato Salad
Baked Beans

Date Night


  1. That is funny: $25 popcorn and $5 wine. Well, at least the popcorn was for a good cause, right?! I also received that bottle. I wish I had a another of the same to try your caramel corn pairing.

    1. Thanks Cam. If it hadn't been for the boy scouts I never would have paid that LOL.

  2. Such a fun pairing. Alma Brut sparkling wine with salted caramel popcorn, effortless, yet a pairing that makes a lot of sense.

  3. What a fun pairing! Definitely a fun wine too!

  4. Sounds like you had fun with this one! Bubbly and popcorn is a good combo.

  5. That is the coolest story! The popcorn pairing was already cool, but the pool and the book make the whole thing sound awesome (maybe even more so since it's currently pouring rain in Tacoma :).

    1. Yes, since I wrote this article the rains have been here as well.

  6. Usually its the other way around, $5 popcorn and $25 bottle of wine. I like the simplicity of the pairing.

  7. Brinner is always good and so are kids taking over some of the household chores.


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