2022 Reading List

 1. Midnight Chicken Review

2.Zoe Bakes Cakes Review

3.Dune Review

4. First Comes Marriage Review

5. Dean Koonts Devoted Review

6.  Review

7. No Exit Review

8. Champagne Widows Review

9. The Umbrian Thursday Night Supper Club Review

10. My Evil Mother Review

11. Treasures of the Mexican Table Review

12. Oddity Review

13. Taste Review

14. the Rose Code Review

15. The One Review

16. Alice in Wonderland Review

17. Shoulder Season Review

18.  Review

19. Klara and the Sun Review

20. The Restaurant Review

21. A Cook's Tour Review

23.Christmas at the Restaurant Review

24. The Night Watchman Review

25. Carnegie's Maid Review

26. The City Review

27. Sisters Behaving Badly Review

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