Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Some anniversaries are not very happy......

In about 2 hours it will be the anniversary of a phone call that changed my life forever.  I was driving home from a funeral that was being held for John's sister, Linda, who had been very ill but was also very young so it was a hard funeral.  I was nearly home when my cell phone rang.  It was my ex sister in law and she had gone to my brother's house and had found that he had taken his own life.  I was only a block from home so I raced home, grabbed Frank who had left the funeral earlier than I, asked Nancy to stay with Mom and raced down to my brother's house.  My brother lived in Warren, where I used to work, so many of my coworkers were there "processing the scene".  It was the worst time of my life as we drove down there and I had to contact each of the siblings to notify them of this awful event. 

I miss my brother.  He was more than my brother, he was my friend.  I wish that there were some way I could have helped him to not feel so desolate.  That is the worst part for me.....knowing how sad and alone he must have felt....I pray he found the peace he was seeking.

My brother Dan with Pops (Larry is in the background)
Dan and Pops shared the same birthday.
We always had a big bash for them.
I find comfort knowing that they are together again.


  1. I am sorry for your loss Wendy! My heart goes out to you. I just felt numb reading this, thinking and can only imagine how you felt, how he felt. Its tragic all the way around. I can only offer a scripture that came to mind. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Matt 5:6. God is with you! Hugs!!!! and prayers.

    1. Thanks Kneena. Have a magical Christmas. Hope to see you over the Holidays.

  2. I am so sorry Wendy! I think the hardest deaths are the ones where the person who died ended their own life. My father committed suicide when I was 7 years old. I am thinking of you today. And praying for you to find comfort!!


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