Friday, December 27, 2013

Book Review and New Book Began

I finished "Takedown Twenty" this afternoon.  I would have finished it last night but I couldn't keep my eyes open.  "Takedown Twenty" was true to form for a Stephanie Plum novel.  Things caught on fire, bones got broken, curses were given and Stephanie is still waffling between Joe and Ranger.  You would think it would start getting old but this book still made me laugh out loud several times and every once in a while I like a book that you can pick up and finish in a couple of hours.  It gives my brain a chance to relax.  If you are a Stephanie Plum fan you will enjoy this novel.  If you haven't met her yet you might want to start at the beginning of the series with "One for the Money".

I started another novel, "A Charmed Place" by Antoinette Stockenberg.  Stockenberg is a new author for me.  I have not read any of her works before and I am hoping that this lives up to the customer reviews that I read from Barnes and Noble.

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