Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fish and Seafood

Asian Sweet and Spicy Salmon (7/7/24)
Alaskan Rockfish Packages (7/15/22)
Arugula Shrimp Pizza with an Olive Oil Drizzle (11/2/19)
Bone Canyon Sushi Roll (11/23/22)
Bourride (10/16/20)
Cajun Shrimp (8/12/22)
Cajun Spiced Tuna Salad (5/29/15)
Camarones al Mojo de Ajo (Mexican Style Shrimp) (11/18/19)
Codfish Cakes (11/10/22)
Dirty Shrimp (4/7/24)
Drunken Shrimp (12/18/20)
Fish and Tots (4/19/19)
Fish Curry (1/14/23)
Fish Fry (12/30/13)
Fish in Foil (9/5/14)
Fish Tacos (5/1/15)
Fish Veracruz en Pappilote (2/16/18)
Foiled Fish with Mango (4/17/20)
Fried Smelts (5/1/16)
Frutti di Mare (red sauce) (6/10/16)
Frutti di Mare (white sauce) (4/9/17)
Jambalaya (10/23/18)
Kokoda (3/10/20)
Mediterranean Cod (12/11/23)
Mediterranean Shrimp (1/17/20)
Poisson Cru (7/10/23)
Pwason Griye (8/10/23)
Shrimp Bisque (7/16/22)
Shrimp Etouffee ( 2/17/18)
Shrimp Etouffee II (3/3/19)
Sunshine Sushi (6/21/22)

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