Friday, June 21, 2019

Oysters on the Half Shell #FishFridayFoodies

I love putting out a tray of oysters on the half shell at parties.  They are always a hit and such a treat for seafood lovers who seldom get the opportunity to indulge.

Join me and the rest of the Fish Friday Foodie gang as we share Fish/Seafood Appetizers today.....

I want to thank Sid of Sid's Sea Palm Cooking for hosting this month and choosing such a great theme.  Sid is the Appetizer Queen having written a book called Nibbles and Bites that I reviewed for you here.  It is a wonderful compilation of appetizers and is available through Amazon.

You may have heard that you should only eat oysters in months that contain the letter R.  This was true at one time, when oysters were wild caught and not farmed.  This rule came from the fact that the summer months are the prime breeding time for algae that give off toxins.  These toxins can be absorbed by shellfish and consuming these toxins can be harmful.  However, we now harvest shellfish from areas that are regulated and safe.  This means we can enjoy oysters and other shellfish year round.

Let's see what appetizers the others are sharing today......

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I don't really have a recipe for you today.  Just a method and a suggestion that you serve your oysters with a choice of hot sauce, horseradish and/or cocktail sauce.

I actually wanted to serve up these oysters to showcase a Picpoul wine.  I had ordered up two bottles of this wine for a #Winophile event.  I showcased one of the bottles from Cave de Pomerois with a Rustic Shrimp Cocktail.  When doing this pairing I thought how wonderful this wine would be with Oysters.  I had this second bottle from Gerard Bertrand that I put in my wine fridge waiting for an opportunity to serve it with Oysters on the Half Shell.  I am very happy to share this pairing with you today.  

Certain wines just pair perfectly with certain foods.  Cabernet Sauvignon and Steak.  Pinot Noir and Turkey.  Chardonnay and Chicken.  Picpoul and Oysters.   

Oysters on the Half Shell

Yield: 12 servings
Author: Wendy Klik
I love putting out a tray of oysters on the half shell at parties. They are always a hit and such a treat for seafood lovers who seldom get the opportunity to indulge.


  • 24 fresh oysters
  • Tobasco Sauce
  • Fresh grated Horseradish
  • Cocktail Sauce


How to cook Oysters on the Half Shell

  1. Scrub the oysters under cold water, using a stiff brush, removing any dirt and sand.  
  2. If you have oyster gloves hold the oysters in your hand.  Otherwise, double up a towel and hold them in this to protect your hands.
  3. Hold each oyster firmly over a bowl with the hinge of the oyster towards you.  Insert the tip on an oyster knife or dull butter knife into the hinge and twist back and forth until the shell is pried open.
  4. Cut the oyster from the shell where it is attached but do not remove the oyster from it.  Discard the bottom half of the oyster.  Place the top half, with the detached oyster onto a platter that has been covered with crushed ice.  
  5. Set out the platter along with hot sauce, horseradish and/or cocktail sauce for people to season as desired.
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  1. Funny, I live in a place where oysters are served everywhere, but I rarely eat them. Like most seafood, the simpler the better when it come to serving and seasoning them, and oysters love a squeeze of lemon and a quick dunk in some melted butter.

  2. I hate to admit that I've never tried these! We have sushi bars everywhere, but very few places that sell them. I'm going to have to give them a try.

  3. As much as I love oysters, I RARELY eat them. After a few too many in New Orleans, I developed a sensitivity to them. So half the time I'm fine and half the time I end up with terrible stomach pains. So, I tread lightly, but I love them. Good choice!

    1. Thanks, I love them too but would probably forgo them rather than take a chance.

  4. I’m not big on raw oysters but I’d take these just as you dished them up, put them in a bed of salt on a grill pan and be right there. Anytime. 😋

  5. I have never eaten raw oysters, but love them cooked. These oysters set on a platter looks like pearls and tempting too.


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