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Donkey and Goat Skin Fermented Roussanne; A Baaaaad Ass Wine #Winepw

This ham and shrimp jambalaya is a delicious one pot meal that is ready to serve in less than an hour.

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I paired it with an "Orange" wine from California for our WinePW event this month.......

Martin of Enofylz Wine Blog asked us to join him in sipping, learning and sharing our thoughts about Skin-Contact White Wines.  You can learn more in his invitation post.

These Skin-Contact wines are also known as Skin-fermented wines and sometimes called "Orange" wines for the color that the contact with the skin produces. I went onto but was unable to locate any skin fermented wines that were available for shipment to Michigan.

I was lamenting the fact to my friend, Cam of Culinary Adventures with Camilla and she introduced me to her friends, Jared and Tracy, who own a winery called Donkey and Goat.  Donkey and Goat specialize in "natural wines"  made from grapes grown on sustainably farmed vineyards.  They continue this practice by removing and adding nothing to the grapes during the wine making except for minimal amounts of sulpher.  The wines are bottled without filtering, fining or stabalizing.


I spoke with Jared who was very helpful and ended up buying 6 bottles of wine as he was having a SIP (Shelter in Place) sale. I did have to pay extra for shipping to Michigan but his shipper was also offering half off during the pandemic crisis, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

I contacted Cam and told her I had gotten the wines.  I think she was more excited than I was about it.  I told her I was going to have Ham and Shrimp Jambalaya for dinner and asked which bottle she would recommend.  She immediately said "Stone Crusher" as this is her favorite wine from Donkey and Goat.  It is also the bottle of Skin Fermented wine that we are talking about tomorrow during twitter chat at 11 AM ET following #WinePW.

Martin is leading up the conversation, as described here in his Preview Post.  We would love to have you join us and learn along with us about this unique, ancient, "new" wine.  Here are the topics we will be discussing......
So what are my thoughts an this "orange" wine and my food choice for pairing?   After dinner, I sent Cam this message.......
Hmmmmm. I’m not crazy about this wine. It’s very tart . I like the bitter aftertaste though. The pairing with the spice of the jambalaya worked better when there was no shrimp in the bite.
As, I continued to sip after dinner the wine started to grow on me.  Then while doing research I learned that because of the skin fermenting, this wine is better after it has been allowed to that makes sense.

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Then I read what Jared and Tracy had to say about this wine......

Stone Crusher is a unique and fun take on the Roussanne grape varietal. Unlike most white wines, this "orange" wine is left on the skins for 12 days before being pressed off to finish fermentation in neutral oak. The wine pours as an orange-gold color with aromas of dried pear, peach pit, pungent flowers, and a hint of smoky minerals in the background. It's full-bodied, chewy, and dry, offering bitter pear skin, orange pith and quinine flavors and a sweeter suggestion of orange blossom honey near the finish, with a strong tannin structure. The full-bodied richness balances out tannins and it has a long, stony finish with ginger and pear nectar. This wine pairs beautifully with sweet-and-savory dishes, like meat paired with stone fruit (pork chops baked with peach, anyone?) or miso-glazed fish.
I probably should have read that first and chosen a different bottle for this Jambalaya pairing. But the dinner was excellent so I'm still sharing my recipe with you.....

Ham and Shrimp Jambalaya

Ham and Shrimp Jambalaya

Yield: 4 servings
Prep time: 10 MCook time: 35 MTotal time: 45 M
This ham and shrimp jambalaya is a delicious one pot meal that is ready to serve in less than an hour.


  • 1 T. olive oil
  • 1 sweet onion, diced
  • 1 bell pepper, diced (I used yellow)
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1 t. paprika
  • 1/2 t. dried oregano
  • 1/2 t. dried thyme
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 2 shakes hot sauce
  • 1 T. tomato paste
  • 6 oz. diced ham
  • 2 1/2 c. chicken stock
  • 1 (15 oz) can diced tomatoes with juices
  • 1 c. uncooked long grain rice
  • 1 lb. raw shrimp, peeled and deveined


  1. Heat the oil in a dutch oven over medium heat.  Add the onion, peppers and garlic.  Season with salt and pepper and cook until softened and fragrant.  Add the paprika, oregano, thyme, bay leaf, hot pepper sauce, tomato paste, ham, diced tomatoes and broth.  Bring to a boil.  Stir in the rice, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 20 minutes.  Add the shrimp, cover and cook for 5 minutes longer, until the shrimp is bright pink and the liquid is absorbed.


Adapted from a recipe by Ellie Krieger
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  1. So sorry I steered you wrong on the paring. But I'm glad it grew on you.

    1. No worries, I wouldn't have been able to participate at all had you not stepped in to help and I did end up enjoying it.

  2. Glad you got a chance to try this wine Wendy! As I previously mentioned, it was my first "orange" wine and for that reason has a special place in my vinous heart. I think it's a great wine for Thanksgiving!

    1. I can see how it would work with all the flavors of Thanksgiving Martin.

  3. These "orange" wines are a surprise, right? They pair differently than regular white wines. I couldn't find any on for shipping to PA either!

    1. They are very different. You can have fun trying to find the perfect pairing.

  4. I'm surprised you got anything shipping into MI; aren't their regulations quite strict? Glad you got to try one though. This one sounds very interesting and your title is super appropriate!

  5. It's so nice that you were able to get the wines shipped to your home. The wine world is filled with good folks, right? Your recipe looks delish - something my husband would definitely love, so filing it away!

    1. Sorry Wendy - this is Lauren. For some reason I'm appearing as Unknown!

    2. Hi Lauren, The wine world certainly is made up of wonderful people. Thanks for visiting.

  6. I'm so glad you found Donkey and Goat, they are great. And I think the Ham & Shrimp Jambalaya would be a great choice!

  7. I think you nailed it again! Even though the stone crusher was not ideal, Jambalaya sound just great with orange wine, and the color matches too.

  8. Donkey and Goat seems to be the leader in skin ferment wines within this group. I am going to have to give them a try!

    1. Just remember to serve it a little above room temp and let it breathe a bit.

  9. Donkey & Goat makes such cool wines -- They're actually only about 15 minutes away from me and I have several friends who have worked there! Sorry you didn't like this one, but I do hope you like some of the others. Jared does lots of interesting experimental things, so different wines in their lines will hits very different palates. I'm a fan, but admittedly different wines can be hit and miss to taste as well. I hope you find some in your shipment that you like.

    1. I have found several in my shipment that I have enjoyed. I think the problem with the Roussanne was customer error. I served it chilled and sipped immediately.


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