Sunday, November 10, 2013

Santa's glasses

Painting class today....wooohooooo.  I really love my painting classes and I am excited about the painting we are doing today called Santa's glasses.

Not only do I enjoy the painting but I enjoy seeing all the friends we have made at painting class.  We all bring a dish and have pot luck for lunch.  Today I am bringing the sloppy joes that were left over from Frank's class yesterday.

Today there were only 3 of us in class because this is the second time our instructor, Beverly Newton, has offered this class.  A few of us were unable to make the first class so she scheduled another for us.

When we got there, we traded our blank canvases for one that had been prepped by Beverly in the interest of saving time.  We put out all of our equipment and get ready to have a good day.
This is the painting that we will be doing today.
We drew the book on before we started painting so we had a visual in our minds for the background.
Background first and then the book.
Add the glasses.
And Santa's milk glass. 
 Do some tweaking and highlighting.
This is my completed painting.
 It was a good day.

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