Saturday, November 2, 2013

Alton Brown and the Weekly Menu

For those of you that follow my weekly menus......I have one word to say about last night's Creamy Leek and Salmon Pasta......BLEEEEECH.  It was a new recipe from that I followed to the letter (shame on me).  It called for 1/2 c. Lemon Juice and 1 c. Crème Fraiche......can you say sour???  Frank and I ate just a few bites.  Mom ate all of hers and couldn't understand what we were complaining about.  I hope my pigs enjoy it.  If you tried the recipe, I apologize and if you didn't....Don't!! at least not without tweaking it.  I would cut down 2 T. of lemon juice and heavy cream instead of the crème fraiche.

It is going to be an exciting weekend around here.  Today We (yes, husbands are included)  have a baby shower for Greg and Linda's new grandson that they are expecting.  Unfortunately, it isn't starting until 3pm and I can only stay for an hour because we have tickets to go see Alton Brown!!!!  We have to be downtown to the beautiful Fox Theatre by 6 pm because Kirsten and John got us all tickets that included a meet and greet with the man himself.  That is very exciting to me!!!

Sunday we will be singing in the morning and then Frank's cousin, Susie and her husband, Chris are coming over for dinner so that they can meet Fiona.

The rest of the week is just a normal everyday week for us and our menu is posted below.  Enjoy and don't forget to stop back for photos and recipes.

We will be eating at the shower before Alton.

Steamed Rice

Meatless Monday
Balsamic Walnut Salad

Try it Tuesday

Grilled Hamburgers
Cole Slaw
Homemade Chips

Mashed Potatoes

Fish Friday

I am checking out all the exciting menus at Menu Plan Monday .  Won't you join me?


  1. I love menu planning. I like to do mine a month at a time. I need to sit down and get with it since it is already November (almost) 3


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