Thursday, November 14, 2013

Learning to be Flexible.

As I was reading over my post from yesterday in which I proclaimed it a Woeful Wednesday, I thought to myself  "oh brother, if this is all you have to gripe about you should be thanking God".  So I began thinking about what was really bothering me and what caused all those little minor things to appear to be such big deals and then while doing yoga last night it struck me how very inflexible I am.

It is not just my body that is inflexible but my whole personality. My weeks are pretty scheduled and Wednesdays are Mom's shower night.  I do not plan other things on Wednesday. When people ask us out or invite us over I always say I can't because it is shower night.  If something is going on at church after 6 pm I don't go because it is shower night.  Well, when Kim's stepdad passed away it was necessary for her to miss two of our Monday classes so we decided to make them up yesterday and next Wednesday so that this session of classes is complete before the Holidays.

Well, it knocked me for a loop.  I was distressed all day, everything upset me, I felt anxious and overwhelmed and all because of a little change in my stupid schedule.  Give me a break.....What is wrong with me??? 

So while I was struggling with my flexibility during yoga I suddenly realized that it was really no big deal if we had dinner an hour and half earlier or that Mom got her shower at 5 instead of 7.  Life happens....I say that all the time....but I guess when it comes down to it, I don't really practice what I preach. 

So, I apologize for the rant yesterday and I am Thankful that God spoke to me and opened my eyes to my inflexibility. It gives me a goal to work towards during the next few months when schedules are bound to get messed up.

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  1. I so totally understood what you were saying yesterday. I have my life scheduled and I don't like it either when the schedule gets thrown off. I feel like about the only control I have left in my life is the schedule. I,too, am not very flexible, mind or body.

    1. I am trying to learn that while we cannot control much in this life what we can control is how we react to the curve balls that are thrown our way. I am trying to learn to drop and weave instead of standing and taking the hits head on.

    2. You are so right. I love that advice to drop and weave. I will borrow the phrase....


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