Friday, November 1, 2013

The 30 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge

I am joining Paula of  Smidgens, Snippets and Bits in the 30 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge.  I met Paula during the 31 Day 2013 Challenge in which I was blogging for 31 Days on Dealing with Alzheimer/Dementia Disease.

As I was sitting here thinking of all the things for which I am thankful, and they are too numerous to count, I decided I would take a different slant on this challenge.  I, of course, am thankful for my health, family, friends, loved ones and the fact that we had great jobs ( my husband still does) that allow us to live comfortably and do just about anything we dream of doing but I am also thankful for things that you never really stop to think about and THAT is the kind of thing that I will find to blog about during this challenge.

So...on this first day of Thanksgiving I am thankful for my KITCHEN SINK.  Now I know many of you are thinking that I am nuts (and I am) but my kitchen sink is not your ordinary kitchen sink and that leads me to a story......

When we first moved into this house, 12 years ago, it was still equipped with well water.  Now our last house had well water and we loved it but in this area the well water is very caustic. So much so that all the appliances and faucets were eroded from it.  Luckily the previous owner had ran a line for city water so all we needed to do was tie up to it at the road......and replace all of our appliances and faucets.  The sink that was in the kitchen was a very nice Kohler white enamel sink and Frank was going to keep the faucet and replace the parts that were corroded so off he went to our local plumbing store, Priors.  He came back a short time later and said that the parts were so expensive that he had decided to get a whole new faucet and he wanted me to go back with him to pick it out.  While on the way I mentioned that I really preferred a stainless sink as the enamel sink was always scuffed so he agreed to replace the sink also.  Once at the store, we started leafing through the Kohler catalog when suddenly I found it!!!!  The kitchen sink of my dreams!!!

This is a cooking sink.  It comes equipped with an electric cook center.  The water heats very quickly and drains right from the sink so that you never again need to lug heavy pots of boiling water.  You can do all your water based cooking right at the sink.  I use it nearly every single day.

You have your large pasta pot which I use for pasta, potatoes, full heads of cabbage, etc.

Your double boiler.

And your steamer pot.
Kohler no longer makes this sink cooking center.  I have no idea why because I LOVE it and as I said I use it constantly. I use it so often that twice now I have worn parts out that needed to be replaced which is a pain in the neck for Frank because Kohler no longer sells the parts to fix them and he has to figure out what to use that will work.  I am also Thankful that Frank is so handy!!  It was an expensive purchase but we have more than gotten our money's worth out of it.
So, there you go.....join me tomorrow to see what other weird things I am acknowledging during this challenge.

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