Friday, November 1, 2013

All Saints Day

Today our church celebrates All Saints Day.  We will spend the month of November remembering those who have joined the Lord before us, knowing that one day we will join them for eternity.  Our time here on earth is so short but we are blessed with the knowledge that when our time here is done it is not the end but only the beginning of the eternity promised to us by our Lord.

We have been blessed with two new priests in our parish, Our Lady on the River.  They have brought with them the tradition of posting pictures of those we love who have gone to Heaven before us so that all parishioners can remember them in their prayers all month.  I thought I would share with you the photos Frank and I are posting.

This is Frank's cousin, Chrissy's, HS Grad photo.  She passed away from ALS.

This is Frank's Dad on the right, his cousin, Eugene (Chrissy's Brother) in the middle and his Uncle Frank on the left.
This is my Pops and my brother, Danny.  They shared the same birthday.
 Last December Danny left us to join Pop's in Heaven. 
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  1. That is such a nice idea to post the pictures for prayers. We have so many in our family we could cover a wall of our own. Come visit me at :

  2. Going in order: My David always said Christine was beautiful inside and out... she was. I carry her picture in my wallet.
    First picture I have ever seen of Frank's dad (Uncle Tony). Aunt Jane did a fine job of raising her three kids after Uncle Tony passed.
    As for your brother and your father Wendy.... they share something very special.. even more than a birthday... there were and always will be father and son. xo

  3. Wendy,

    Growing up knowing John and Irene, Chrissy, and Eugene (and Dave) was very special. Even more special was then meeting Frank and his family. Add to this beatiful picture you and your family! Words cannot describe what wonderful friends you are and how much we love all of you and your family members. So many moms and dads, brothers, sisters, cousins we get to share because no matter what the situation we are welcomed as if we actually blood kin. WE LOVE YOU GUYS, WAY PAST THE MOON. HAPPY THOUGHTS FOR ALL OF THE LOVED ONES WE MISS EVERY MINUTE OF EVERYDAY.

    XOXOXO Phil and Denise


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