Monday, November 18, 2013

Kitchen Tools

Today I am grateful for all the kitchen tools I have that make my life so much easier.

Stand Mixer...Not to mention all the attachments.
I use it to make pasta, stuff sausage, grind meat, etc.
 (Remember to buy Fair Trade)
(Fresh coffee in 3 minutes)
My favorite of all these is for sure the Food Processor though.  It saves me tons of time and aggravation on a daily basis.


  1. I love my Cuisinart Coffeemaker with a side for hot water for tea or hot chocolate. That is important with two teens in the house. Although they are developing a taste for coffee.....I have never ground my own beans. Interesting!

    1. I never did until I was at book club at a friend's and she ground her beans and made us coffee. I went out the next day and got a coffee grinder. I have a hot water dispenser in my sink and you are right, it is very handy.


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