Sunday, November 3, 2013

3rd Day of Thanksgiving

You are probably thinking I am Thankful for
Princess Fiona of Fair Haven.
And I am but today, more than Fiona, I am Thankful for....
When we first got Fiona, we went into Jays and purchased some Diamond puppy feed.  Diamond is the brand we use with Buddy and Bella and we have always liked it.  Fiona, finished up the bag of food and when we went to the feed store to get more the owner, Bob, told us he doesn't carry the puppy food but he would order it up for us.  It will be here Thursday.  So we went to the store and bought a different name brand puppy chow to hold us over. Well, the first day was fine but then we noticed that Fiona's bowels were getting much looser.  It took me until this morning, after we had gotten up 3 times to clean pooder dooder out of her crate, to realize that it was the change of food.  So today we are on a mission to find some Diamond Puppy Chow because we are NOT going to go through this until Thursday!!  Thank Goodness, she was in her crate and it was not all over my carpet....For that I am really giving Thanksgiving!!

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