Friday, November 22, 2013

Frantic Friday

It is 10 pm here and I am sitting down for the first time since I left the house at 9 am this morning. 
It was a long, exhausting day but also a very productive day.
I met with Linda and Sandy for a walk at 9:15 and did a quick mile and a half before we had to get to the food pantry because the local school did a food drive for Thanksgiving.  We got lots and lots of donations!!  After the kids left, Linda and I ran to the Dollar Store and picked up laundry baskets and plastic tablecloths with which to line them.  We also found some adorable Harvest Lollipops to stick in the baskets for the families with children.  Linda and I then met Frank for lunch before heading to Costco and the Commissary at the local military base to pick up the items needed for the Thanksgiving Baskets.  We have 30 families that need baskets and with the discounts and donations from the various stores we were able to buy enough to give them all a fantastic Thanksgiving Dinner without breaking the Food Pantry's budget.
When we left the last stores we called Greg and Frank and had them meet us at the church so we could unload everything.  My friend, Sandy and her mom came and sat with Mom during this time.  We got the goodies all unloaded and then everyone came back to our house for Pizza and Salad.
Tomorrow morning at 10 am we will all meet at the Pantry again to start putting the baskets together and then on Monday we will distribute all the baskets.
So.....right 10:10 pm I am very Thankful that Thanksgiving only comes but once a year LOL.


  1. And tonight I am thankful for people like you that give their time for those in need. I have been on the 'needing' end and it is very much appreciated! And how wonderful of you guys to get lollipos for the kiddos.


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