Sunday, November 10, 2013

DeSkunking Shampoo

Last night our Bella girl decided she wanted to play but the skunk decided it didn't!!  Poor Bella came in with her face and neck covered in skunk spray.  Ugh!!! 
This is just part of the price we pay to live in the country and it happens a few times a year.  You would think these dogs would learn to stay away from those black and white kitties LOL.
Luckily we have found a solution that works to (mostly) take the stink away.  When we first moved to the country, in the house previous to this, our Rusty dog got skunked.  I took him into Lisa's pet grooming by our old house and she deskunked him and gave me this recipe for DeSkunking Shampoo for which I am very Thankful!!
You mix the following ingredients together.  Wash your pet with the mixture.  Rinse well and wash again with your regular pet shampoo or baby shampoo.  It works pretty well.
2 cups hydrogen peroxide 
Baking Soda
1/4 cup baking soda
Dawn Saves Wildlife
2 T. Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

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  1. Ah poor doggy....that is such an awful smell. We had a pet skunk when I was growing up. Not de-sprayed either (or whatever that word would be) but as far as I can remember she only sprayed once. All over my little brother. My mom washed him in tomato juice.


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