Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Hunting We Will Go

Today I am Thankful for many things but mostly I am Thankful that Frank is home from his hunting trip.  This household is not the same comfortable, loving home when he is gone. Buddy Boy was seriously depressed while Frank was gone and as soon as Frank walked through the door Buddy became animated once again.  He ran and got his ball, brought it to Frank and is right back to being his old self.
I am Thankful that I did not have to make coffee this morning but had it brought to me in bed.  I know, I know....I AM very spoiled but you get used to little things like having your coffee brought to you and when that routine is broken it knocks you for a loop.  Which leads me to being Thankful that the changes were just temporary and Frank is back after a few short days.  Many of my friends and family are suffering long term changes due to illness and/or loss.  I am Thankful that I can offer them a little support as they adjust to these changes.
And (don't tell Frank) I am Thankful that he did not get a deer. I have deer in my freezer from Spence and also from the guy who is hunting in our backyard.  We like venison here but I really did not want a whole deer taking up my freezer space.
I am also Thankful that Frank got some time to relax and reconnect with his brother and hunting buddies.  It had been way too long since he got to spend time away with them and he deserves some R&R. 

As you can see, Frank wasn't really roughing it. 
 This was his blind, like a little house with windows and everything.
They did see a couple of does and one button buck.
And they also saw..........
This Majestic Elk.
Frank's friend, Sam, whose property they were hunting, had once used his land as a hunting preserve. Hence, the wonderful, deluxe hunting blinds and the elk roaming the property.  I am sure it was worth the trip just to get a chance to see this beauty up close.


  1. Beautiful pictures...I am not a hunter and don't think I could ever take one of them down. But I respect that it is a good way to thin the herds. Glad he is safely home

  2. What a beautiful life!
    Shelly <3

    1. Thanks Shelly. I am very blessed. Thank you for sharing a bit of my life with me.


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