Monday, November 4, 2013

Give Thanks unto the Lord...For He is Good.

As I was sitting here contemplating all in my life for which I am grateful the Title phrase popped into my head.  Now, I am catholic, so unlike my protestant friends I cannot quote the exact location in the bible that you can find phrases. But I do read my bible faithfully and our church has provided that if you follow their daily readings you will have read through the entire bible every 3 years. So quite often throughout the day little snippets from what I have learned jump into my head.  I believe it is God talking to me.  So I looked up the verse and found that it comes from Psalm 107 and the complete verse is "Give thanks to the LORD who is good, whose love endures forever!".
A footnote in my bible says that Psalm107 is a hymn inviting those who have been rescued by God to give praise.  So this is what I am Thankful for today.  That I live in a country where I can praise my God openly and without fear of retribution even if my God is different from another's god and even if the religion I choose to worship my God is different from others. That we accept each other's religions and learn from each other's religions and that we have evolved in this country to love one another as children of God regardless of how or if we choose to adore Him.
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