Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Turkey Delivery

Yesterday the Turkeys walked the "Green Mile" to assist us with our Thanksgiving Celebration.
This morning I picked them up and took them to their new homes.
They barely fit in the trunk. 
The smallest turkey was 22.9 lbs and the largest was 34.6 lbs.
Frank took the smallest one over to his sister's for their dinner.
I went to Dick and Jackie's and dropped theirs off.
They had left a cooler on the porch for me.
It wasn't quite big enough.
Then I took one over to my friend Jean.
Kirsten was happy to take custody of hers.
Kim is flying and Kurt was not home.
 I put theirs in a  cooler in my driveway for Kurt to pick up after work.
And this is ours.
I think I am going to have Frank cut it in half.
I think a 35 lb turkey is a little too large for the 5 of us!!!
So today, for the 30 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge, I am Thankful for Abundance.


  1. Those look awesome. I have never eaten a fresh turkey.

    1. They are very delicious Paula and they cook much faster too.


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