Monday, November 18, 2013

Dinner in the Middle of the Night

Last night around 5 pm. Mom started with the "It sure is a dark one" comments.  She was even more confused because she had fallen asleep on the couch for about 15 min. around 4 pm so thought that it was morning when she awoke. We listened to how dark it was out there for half an hour and then all of the sudden Mom said she was going up to bed.  I explained it was only 5:30 and dinner was in the oven.  She returned to the couch and again began saying how dark it was out there. At 6 pm I called her and Frank in for dinner.  We said grace and then Mom looked at Frank and said "I can't believe she is giving us dinner in the middle of the night!"

No Nancy today due to the storm last night. I will have to put on my thinking cap and come up with something fun for Mom and I to do today.

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  1. Richard often says the same thing. Especially now that it is getting dark so early And after an afternoon nap, he always thinks it is the next day


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