Saturday, November 16, 2013

Music, Music, Music

Today I am Thankful for Music. Music is very important to me and Frank.  It was our interest in music that was one of our first connections. When we were getting to know each other we would spend hours listening to music, discussing music, our likes, our dislikes, different genres, different artists.  I think that you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of music they enjoy. 

Frank is very musically inclined.  He has a great voice, can play the sax, keyboards, harmonica and accordion and if I sing him a song that I wrote he can put it to music.  I don't play any instruments.  I tried to learn the guitar but after a while I decided that playing the guitar was a God given talent and He didn't give it to me LOL.  I do sing, not always well and I have written a few songs.  But mostly I just like to listen...I love the way music makes me feel.

I am very lucky.  I love to dance even though I am not very good and Frank not only loves to dance but took dance lessons throughout his childhood so he is very good.  My favorite dates are when we go dining and dancing.

We enjoy all genres of music with the exception of hip hop and rap and we are not crazy about heavy metal either. I love to put my ipod on speakers and just shuffle through all our songs.  It will play country, switch to big band, then to jazz, then to easy listening and then all of the sudden there might be a polka followed by rock and roll. 

Many years ago, when we were moving Frank's Mom from her house to his sister's house, we were cleaning out her basement and came across a collection of 78 rpm records that had pictures imprinted on them. I was awestruck and Mom K. generously gave them to us. 

There are 11 of them. I had never seen anything like them at the time.  I have since run across a couple of them at different antique stores.  I placed them in plate holders and hung them over our organ.


This is one of my favorite collections!!


  1. I loved this post!! I am the same with music. I can't play any insturments but I love to sing. I'm not great either. One of my mom's expressions "can't carry a tune in a bucket" broke my heart back in my younger days when I dreamed of becoming a famous singer. Harley loves to sing, now but her voice is a bit better than mine. Richard and I did a lot of dining and dancing in our days. He, too, was the dancer. He knew every dance known to man and I just tried! But other women would often come to our table and invite him onto the dance floor. He never disappointed anyone. We won a bit twist contest once when we were on a cruise. The man could twist all the way to the floor....ah memories. I have never seen anything like those 78's. Awesome collection. And I love how you display them instead of 'hide' them away.

    1. It seems like we have quite a bit in common Paula. I am glad that we are getting to know each other.


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