Saturday, November 16, 2013

Laughing with Mom

A long time ago, it must be over 40 yrs. by now, Mom and I were driving in the car and she saw a sign that said "Cold Beer To Go".  Mom said "Cold Beer ToGo (pronounced like pogo), What do you think is Cold Beer ToGo?"  I laughed and said that I thought it was Cold Beer To Go and Mom started cracking up.  For years after that every time we would see a sign for Cold Beer we would tell that story and laugh like there was no tomorrow.  Everyone else would look at us like we were nuts.

Cold Beer To Go Metal Bar Sign
This story was brought to mind this morning because when I stopped for gas Mom read a sign that said "No Smoking Propane".  When I got back in the car Mom asked what propane was and I said it was a gas.  She said "That's what I thought.  How would you smoke it?"  I started cracking up and explained that the sign meant No Smoking because there was propane in the area.  Mom began laughing and for a moment we were having fun.  Then, as we were pulling out of the gas station, Mom looked at the sign and again asked "What is propane?"
Danger No Smoking Propane Sign
Oh well, it was good for a momentary laugh with Mom and it brought back a happy memory.

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