Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It sure is a dark one out there

This time change has Mom all discombobulated.  Around 5 pm she starts remarking on how late it is. "It sure is a dark one out there" is her favorite expression.  I heard it five times last night between 5 and 5:30 and each time I would agree with her that it sure was a dark one out there.  At 5:30 she said she thought she would head up to bed.  I said it was only 5:30, she couldn't believe it.

 Four more times she commented on what a dark night it was and then at 6 pm she got up from the couch, went to the bathroom, came out, kissed me goodnight and said she was heading up.  I said well okay but it is only 6 pm and you haven't had dinner yet.  So she sat back down on the couch to watch family feud. 

I got ready to go to my meeting and when I was ready to head out the door she asked where I was going.  I told her I had Parish Council meeting at church and she wondered why they would be having a meeting in the middle of the night.

Frank heated up the Pork Vegetable Soup and he and Mom had dinner.  She didn't go to bed after dinner though because she was very concerned about where I went and how I got there.  Frank said she finally went up about 5 minutes before I got home.

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