Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Comfortable Home

Today I am grateful that I have been blessed with the means to create a comfortable and welcoming home.  We love to entertain and we love having extra people around our dinner table.  Our children grew up knowing that they could always bring friends home with no notice and there would always be enough room at our table. This makes me very happy and ties in with my Thanksgiving yesterday of always having enough food, even if it is only  Spaghetti, Soup or Hot Dogs.
Please make yourself comfortable and join me on a tour of our home....Keep in mind that I have not staged for these photos. This is exactly what you would find if you were to knock on my door at this moment and be invited in for a cup of coffee.  I think part of  having a welcoming home is to never worry that people might stop by.  I once read some advice that said "if it is good enough for your family, it is good enough for company".  That was great advice because it allowed me permission to relax and welcome company instead of worrying about what they thought of my lack of perfection.
My scarecrow and my Bella both greet you at the door.
The view as you walk in.  Mom is wondering what the heck all the commotion is.
Immediately to your right is the stairway that leads to Ting's and Mom's rooms.
The view upstairs and into the kitchen.
Please, come in, sit down and join me for a cup of coffee.
A look to the south.
A look to the north.
Thanks for stopping by.........

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  1. Yoour home is beautiful And your philosophy is exactly the same as mine. I make my home clean and beautiful for my family not for visitors! But we are always ready for visitors. I will sit at that table with you for a 'virtual' cup of coffee.....


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