Friday, May 16, 2014

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to the ER we go....

While I was writing my blog for the day about cleaning coops, reading books and making dinner, Mom complained several times that her "heart" hurt and it hurt to breathe.  Mom had suffered a fall on Tuesday so we have been keeping an eye on her.  You can read all about it here and here.

Those of you that have been following my Life with Mom, know that Mom very seldom complains.  She has a very high pain tolerance and is normally pretty happy.  I had not taken Mom in after the fall because I didn't think anything was broken and I knew there was nothing they could do for the contusions.  I thought at one point that perhaps she had hurt her sinus cavity but those symptoms had cleared up.  The fact that Mom was complaining raised a big red flag for me so I decided to take her to the ER for some films just to make sure that her pain tolerance wasn't so high that I was missing something more serious than bruising.

What a HOOT!!  We get to the ER and they want to put Mom into a wheelchair....she was having none of that!  Then we get into a room in the ER and Mom cannot understand what in the heck is going on and the questions start...

"Well, where is everyone?"
"They will be right back"
"We have been here all this time and no one has even talked to us"
"Well yes they have Mom, they took your blood and urine and they are running tests"
"Well when are they bringing our drinks?  This is the worst restaurant I have ever been to"
"They will be back soon"
"This is a pretty place is very nice"
"I'm glad you like it"
"Well, I don't really like it...I was just being polite"

I start cracking up so Mom joins me and we are laughing like a couple of idiots when the nurse returns..I try to explain that Mom hates this restaurant but get only a polite chuckle.  They take Mom down for CT scans and have her back to us pretty quickly.

"Well that was fast"
"Oh, you think so huh?"

Now it is time to wait for the doc to get the lab and CT reports back.  It actually took much less time than I anticipated but perhaps that was because I was being very entertained.

"Well this is ridiculous, let's just leave and eat somewhere else"
"Ok, as soon as the waiter comes back we will tell him we're leaving"
"I'm whistling for him"
"I forget how to whistle"
"I am going to have to put my fingers in my mouth and whistle"
"Okay go ahead"
"I lost my whistle"

Doc comes back and tells us all the tests results are normal, nothing is broken and there is no pneumonia.  He will be releasing her.  Then he notices that her oxygen is low so he orders up a breathing treatment explaining that, because of the bruising to her ribs, Mom is not breathing deeply enough so we will need to watch her so that pneumonia does not develop.  They give Mom the breathing treatment and play a "new game" with her where she sucks in a deep breath trying to get the ball to rise to the arrow.  Mom likes the game...Mom likes all games, so off we go with her new game.  By now it is 8:30 and we are starving so we stop for a pizza on the way home.  Mom has a piece of pizza and a glass of wine.  When she is ready for bed, Frank offers to cut off her wristbands from the hospital...Mom can't understand why Frank would want her bracelets....

Just Another Day in the Life on the Farm....Glad you could join us....See you tomorrow!!


  1. LOL..never a dull moment is there? I am glad she is okay. And I hope she continues to like her new 'game'....

    1. We were cracking up in there Paula....I am glad that I was right about it being only contusions but I am happy I took her so that I can sleep soundly tonight.

  2. I have had many er visits with my mom and in none of them did I ever crack a smile. Yours I laughed right out loud!!! Sooo glad she is fine. Those hospitalizations can take a big piece out of the elderly.

    1. I was very happy that they did not need to keep her. Every time I would move she would say "You better not leave me here!!"


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