Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chicken Update!!

I figured I should give you an update on these cute little cuddly chicks
 that arrived on  April 22nd and were so adorable.

Only 5 short weeks ago.
Don't you just want to pick them up and hold them close??

Well, feel free to have at it.
But just fair warning, they are stinky and hot!!
When you hold one you feel like you are holding a firebomb.
If you look closely you can see a couple of laying hens mixed in the group.

Their entire existence is just eating and pooping.
I can leave the door open to the yard so they can free range.
But I have to take the food out into the acreage also or they won't leave.
When I take the food out they will leave the yard, waddle over to the food , sit down and eat.
There is no ranging or foraging of food with the meat chickens.
It has been bred out of them through the years.

My laying hens, on the other hand, wait at the gate each morning to be let out.
They go in and out of their yard at will and love to go into the field looking for bugs.
This is Scarlet, enjoying a walk.

And this beauty is Puff.
Puff knows her name and comes when called.
But she has never laid me a single egg and she was one of the originals!!
You would think in the past 8 yrs she would have laid at least one! 

Martha, another one of the originals, is my favorite.
I am her favorite too and she often comes up to me and wants to be held and scratched.

Rachel thought a dust bath sounded good today.

And then there is Stella.
Stella always makes me laugh, she is so silly looking.
The other 2 hens were off exploring in the field.
Sometimes they are camera shy....LOL

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  1. After a head banging blow out class today.... I must say I truly enjoyed these pics, and the visits her your henny pennys. Lovely, R

  2. I love the education you are giving me on CHICKENS!


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