Saturday, May 24, 2014

Glimpses of Mom

I was sitting here on this beautiful Spring day and I started getting into a funk because I wanted to be out enjoying the day and not stuck inside with Mom watching the Hallmark Channel.

Frank had left the house early to go see his Mom.  She had to spend the night in the hospital last night.  She got this cold that has been going around and got scared because she couldn't stop coughing and choking so she called 911 and they took her in.  It is just a cold but she was a little dehydrated so they kept her overnight and are keeping her again tonight just to make sure her fluid levels are good.  I guess when you are in your 90's there is no such thing as "just a cold".

After he visited with his Mom he, John and John's son, Mike (who is also a pilot) went up for a ride for a little while and he promised Mom Klik he would be back after the flight to bring her a strawberry milkshake.

Shortly after he left, Tingting left to run some errands so that left just me and Mom watching Golden Girls. Then a movie started and Mom got interested in that and I started going stir crazy so after the movie, I suggested going for a ride.  Mom loves going for rides and today was a great day for her.  She recognized the street she and Pops lived on before they moved in with us and she remembered Pop's name.  Normally she just refers to him as her husband because she can't remember his name.  She talked about how happy they were living in this area and recognized several of the restaurants that they would frequent.  We saw swans, cranes, ducks and freighters.  There were lots of fisherman out and Mom remembered Pops used to like to fish.  We stopped at The River Crab so we could watch the boats and have a glass of wine.  Mom remembered having been to the restaurant with Pops before.  On the way home she said she hoped that Pops would be here for her tonight.  I assured her that when it was time for her to go he would be over to get her.

A nice day with Mom.


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